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Practical information for (future) parents


From 19:00 on June 3 to 12:00 on June 17 you can give birth in the Amsterdamse Bos. There is an intimate, comfortable, isolated, round room with bath available, surrounded by trees and with a sky view. If you are considering using this space then you’ll find the needed information here.



The birth space will be prepared in a yurt / ger (traditional round shape, well insulated space, nomadic tent derived from middle/eastern Asia) with the following items: there is a birthing-pool (bathtub), toilet (inside and outside), two-burner stove with simple kitchen utensils, a small refrigerator, a double bed, bed linen, towels, hot water bottle, maternity package (kraampakket), a standing height table with a changing mat, a hanging cradle, and a wood burning stove.


How does it work?

If you are interested in giving birth in the Amsterdamse Bos you can discuss this with your obstetrician / midwife. If you are planning to give birth in the Amsterdamse Bos please contact us (for contact details see bottom of this document). You can see birth in the Amsterdamse Bos is a relocated homebirth. There is no charge for using the birth space, donations are welcome Also inform the maternity care nurse (kraamzorg) about the possibility that you will give birth at this location. When labor begins it is fine if you let us know by calling or sending an SMS to 06-18411618, so that we can receive you. Check with your obstetrician / midwife to determine when it is a good time to come. They can call us to let us know you are coming.We will be as often as possible on the location (we sleep there at night) so that we can greet you with a quick and warm welcome!


What should you bring?

Bring the same things you would bring with you to the birth-center (bevalcentrum) or birth-hotel (geboortehotel) or to the hospital. Also bring the papers left by the maternity care nurse (kraamzorg) at your home. Your midwife and nurse take care of their own items, just as they would for a homebirth.


Where is it? / How do you recognize the place?

The location is indicated on the map on the website and it automatically links to google maps, where you can find directions from your location. When you enter the Amsterdam Forest at the visitor center, Amstelveenseweg at the Van Nijenrodeweg, follow the Bosbaanweg along the wooded course (rowing track). At the end of the Bosbaan there is a parking lot with a roundabout, follow the road to the left, Nieuwe meerlaan. After about 150 meters you reach the first crossing (a small road for pedestrians), here you will see a field with two parallel white bridges on the left, and then a white bridge on your right, when you cross the bridges you will find the Field where the birthplace is. Cars can cross the narrow bridges (and in case of emergency transport you can get close to the room). You need a waiver to park on the field (we can arrange this, you need to give the license plate number in advance). A little further down the Nieuwe Meerlaan there is a parking lot (Berkenhoek). Here you can park freely and it is about 150m walk to the field. If it’s dark when you arrive, hanging light bulbs will point the way. You are welcome to come to field before (from 1 – 6 June we will usually be present). For more information, questions, or to visit the location, we can be reached by telephone. Feel free to contact us!


tel: 06-18411618